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The Road towards a new Urban Mobility System

A year ago, Darcy de Jongh conducted research into the development of new urban mobility for TILER, starting from TU Delft's strategic product design. Many conversations with municipalities and shared mobility providers have led to this visionary document.

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Rent-a-Bike Hub at NH Hotel expanded again

TILER is excited to announce the expansion of the e-bike hub at NH Hotel Leeuwenhorst in Noordwijkerhout from 4 to 15 brand new e-bikes, charged on TILER's Charging Tiles. After a successful pilot last year with TILER's wireless charging technology, which ensured users always had a charged bike, the hub has recently been expanded. Rent a Bike van Dam is very enthusiastic about the pilot they did last year, it saved them a lot of work and generated extra rentals, as the bikes could also be rented outside opening hours.

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TILER and MOBIAN join forces to offer e-bikes

P+R provider MOBIAN has expanded its range of shared bicycles with electric shared bicycles in Amsterdam. MOBIAN has previously ventured into e-bikes, but couldn't get it done because of the various issues arising from charging.

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