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Explore the urban mobility revolution with Tiler and Porten Development as they implement TILERs Wireless Charging Solution in the city! Witness the transformation of neighborhoods in Zaandam and Weesp as they redefine sustainable living and promote car-free communities. Ready to step into the future? Uncover the story here!

December 21, 2023

When envisioning the city of the future, idealistic visions often come to mind:abundant greenery in neighborhoods, fewer or no cars, and electric vehicles as the cornerstone of shared mobility. While these visions may seem distant, a change is underway through the new collaboration between Tiler and real estate developer Porten Development. Porten Development places a high value on sustainable development and aims to encourage the use of (shared) E-bikes by offering Park&Charge Hubs to the residents of two new neighborhoods in Zaandam and Weesp. Together with TILER, they take the first step towards effortless charging of Light Electric Vehicles(LEVs), such as E-bikes, distributed throughout the community.


Houthavenkade in Zaandam and C.J. van Houtlaan in Weesp: Sustainable Developments for the City of Tomorrow

In Zaandam, Houthavenkade, a sustainable residential area with 710 homes, will set the stage for this car-free and sustainable future. Drawing inspiration from the port's history and the industrial heritage of the 'Zaanse Schans,' together with green public spaces, the neighborhood forms the foundation for a sustainable lifestyle without cars. Weesp's C.J. van Houtlaan is undergoing a similar transformation towards a more car-free environment.

Tiler: A Permanent Addition in Both Neighborhoods

Porten, the real estate developer of these two neighborhoods, has joined forces with Tiler.In each community, 5 public 'E-bike charging hubs' with 5 Tiler charging tiles per hub will permanently facilitate the effortless wireless charging of up to25, totaling 50, E-bikes. No hassle with charging stations, cables, or swapping E-bike batteries – a simple solution: just park the bike on the charging tile, and it begins charging immediately; ensuring you always have a charged bike ready to go.


Accessible to Everyone

Initially, both neighborhoods will use public shared bikes that residents can borrow.However, gradually, the number of charging points will expand according to the needs of residents who also want to charge their personal E-bikes in those locations. Tiler will offer charging stands to residents, enabling them to charge their own E-bikes anywhere at the Hubs in the neighborhood, simply by parking the bike – no more dealing with a dead battery.


Benefits of Tiler in the Neighborhood

Tiler in the neighborhood brings significant advantages:

  • Sustainability & Safety: Encouraging more bikes and fewer cars creates a more sustainable, cleaner, and safer living environment.
  • Future-Oriented: In the current mobility transition, it's often a chicken-and-egg scenario regarding whether to prioritize LEVs or the infrastructure for them. With Tiler in the     neighborhood, proactive steps are taken to be ready for the future of     mobility.
  • Neat Appearance: A tidy street view is crucial for a pleasant living environment. With Tiler charging tiles, all E-bikes are neatly parked in a fixed location.
  • Universal Charging: Regardless of the brand or type of E-bike, every E-bike can be charged with Tiler's charging stand.
  • Convenience & Assurance: The intuitive charging solution ensures that your E-bike is charged and ready to go without extra effort. Making it even more tempting to choose the E-bike over the car.

The future of mobility is within reach, and Tiler and Porten have now taken the first steps in realizing sustainable, smart neighborhoods. Want to stay informed about these exciting developments or benefit from wireless E-bike charging yourself? Discover more about Tiler at, contact us, or download the brochure via the website. Together, we are building greener cities with a 'healthy' mix of mobility.

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