The intuitive charging solution that makes e-bikes effortless

Go from the hassle and clutter of managing e-bikes to the simplicity of a fleet you don’t have think about because the bikes are always charged and ready to go

Easy installation

The tile is installed like a regular pavement tile and connected to the regular grid. No electrician or heavy-duty digging equipment required.

Can be used


Our Charging Tile can be installed at any site--either in-ground for a seamless surface or via our plug-and-play platform at sites where digging is not an option or if you want to stay flexible.

Universal charging

TILER has made charging universal. With one kickstand that fits all e-bikes, regardless of different brands and batteries, all bikes can now be charged on one single tile.

As efficient as

plugged charging

The inductive charging module can charge 36-48V. With our Smart Charging technology the tile charges up to 200W, as efficient as plugged charging.

Cloud Connected

Because the tiles are cloud connected we can manage them remotely which means if anything goes wrong we’ll fix it before you even notice there was an issue. We’re currently developing an API that connects our cloud system to your e-bike fleet management system for seamless integration. This will be compatible with most MAAS apps.

Smart Charging

Our smart charging technology optimizes the lifetime value of the battery. We can set a schedule for fast charging during peak use hours and slow charging (which is better for the battery) overnight or when the e-bike is likely to be unused.

Expected release in Q2 2023
use case

TILER saves us a lot of work so that

it’s easier to scale our business

TILER saves us

a lot of work

so that it's easier

to scale our


“Since partnering with TILER and installing the Charging Hub our e-bikes at the hotel can even be rented outside of our regular hours of operation. This has increased e-bike rentals significantly!”

Sam van Dam
Rent A Bike van Dam

How to get seamless charging

Offering an e-bike fleet provides convenience for your customers, adds value to your business, and contributes to a more sustainable world—but only if the fleet itself is sustainable. Here’s how to make your e-bike fleet sustainable for your business.



We get to know your business and recommend the optimal Parking+Charging Hub for your site.



Schedule a date for your installation.



We install the Parking+Charging Hub at your site and replace your kickstands with Charging Kickstands



Enjoy a reliable, self-managing e-bike fleet that you don't have to think about



We get to know your business and recommend the optimal Parking+Charging Hub for your site.


Schedule a date for your installation.


The Parking+Charging Hub gets installed at your site and the kickstands are replaced with Charging Kickstands


Enjoy a reliable, self-managing e-bike fleet that you don't have to think about

frequently asked questions

Our clients share your questions

Is the charging solution compatible with every e-bike?
TILER’s charging solution is compatible with all e-bikes. It’s TILER’s mission to build a universal charging system on which all e-bikes (and in the future other light-electric vehicles as well) can be charged. Battery types that haven’t been connected with TILER before do need to be checked with us so that we can tune the electronics in our charging system if necessary.
How is the e-bike charged?
The TILER charging tile works in combination with the TILER charging kickstand. The charging kickstand is connected to the wiring loom of the e-bike and the energy is transferred wirelessly to the e-bike through induction. That means you don’t have to plug chargers in and out. Charging happens automatically whenever the bike is parked.
Is there a difference in efficiency in comparison to a regular charger?
No there’s no difference in efficiency. Our inductive charging module is able to charge 36-48 V. Our smart charging technology can charge up to 200W with a >85% peak total system efficiency, similar to a wired charger. Click here to learn more. (link to whitepaper)
Is the charging speed the same speed as with a regular charger?
The TILER charging tile can charge 2 Ampere, just like a wired charger. We’re currently developing a charging tile with 4 Ampere, so charging will be even faster when that rolls out.
Can TILER still be installed if digging into the ground is not an option?
Absolutely! Besides the TILER charging solution that is installed in-ground like a regular pavement tile, we also offer a charging platform. The platform can be placed on top of the existing floor and requires no digging. The charging system is same, but the tile is integrated in a platform.
Does the charging system require that users park the bike in a precise way?
No, there is some play in the placement of the Charging Kickstand on the tile. The range for connecting is approximately 50 mm back and forth and 100 mm sideways so that even when the bike is parked a bit outside the yellow guidance for placement the bike will start charging.
How is the TILER charging kickstand connected to the e-bike battery?
The TILER charging kickstand is connected to the battery with a wire. This wire is neatly concealed, attached to the e-bike, and integrated in the bike’s wiring loom. This means if you want to charge the e-bike with a standard charger that is possible as well.
Can you buy the TILER charging kickstands separately?
Yes, the TILER charging kickstand can be sold separately to connect multiple e-bikes to your TILER-network.
Can TILER also charge e-cargo bikes, e-scooters and other forms of light-electric vehicles?
Currently, TILER is focusing on charging e-bikes but we are working on plans to expand to a charging tile that can be used for different types of light electric vehicles.

TILER is emerging as the expert in Light Electric Vehicle charging

We’re mastering e-bike charging while looking to wider horizons of a single solution for micromobility. We want to deliver one tile to charge them all.



Proof of Concept & Pilots

Product development, proof of concept, market validation, and building the team


Commercial Launch

Finalize pilots and set up manufacturing process to scale production


Scale production

Scaling production and moving toward an international market


Expand compatibility

Scaling TILER for other Light Electric Vehicles (e-cargo bikes, e-scooters and e-mopeds)

Stop pouring time and resources into tending E-Bikes

Start enjoying happier customers, great reviews and referrals, and a strong reputation for being a green and innovative business

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