TILER live at NH Hotel Leeuwenhorst

Rental e-bikes at NH Hotel Leeuwenhorst in Noordwijkerhout are now charged wirelessly on TILER's charging tile. In collaboration with Rent-a-Bike van Dam, electric bicycles are now always ready to be rented there.

January 2, 2022

This week TILER's charging tile for electric bicycles was launched at NH Hotel Leeuwenhorst. The Noordwijk bicycle rental company Rent-a-Bike van Dam supplies many (electric) bicycles to hotels and holiday parks in the surrounding area, but it is a lot of work to deliver the electric bicycles every morning and then pick them up again in the evening to be charging at location. With the charging tiles they are now always charged in front of the hotel. Rent-a-Bike also hopes to encourage guests to use the bicycle more quickly and leave the car behind for once. The bicycles are parked at the parking spaces and can be opened with an electronic lock, via the app, without having to reserve them a day in advance. Ideal for a spontaneous cycling trip.

The alderman for mobility, Roberto ter Hark, was also present to open the Charging Tiles and symbolically cut a plug. He is pleased that the municipality of Noordwijk has been chosen for this project. Sustainability and innovation come together well and these are important themes for the municipality. In addition, Noordwijk receives many tourists every year, the Keukenhof is one of the most popular events in Europe, and this a solution is of course very hospitable and customer-friendly.

The Charging Tiles will be extensively tested in this project. When the project is successful, TILER and Rent-a-Bike van Dam plan to roll this out further. Initially at several hotels and holiday parks, but perhaps in the future with bicycle hubs in the municipality. Also to offer day tourists an accessible way to park the car outside the center. Fewer cars in the city is, of course, a more enjoyable environment for everyone.

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