TILER and MOBIAN join forces to offer e-bikes

P+R provider MOBIAN has expanded its range of shared bicycles with electric shared bicycles in Amsterdam. MOBIAN has previously ventured into e-bikes, but couldn't get it done because of the various issues arising from charging.

August 12, 2022
Arnauld Hackmann

Now that is different because the bicycles are wirelessly charged on TILER's Charging Tile via a special Charging Kickstand. The e-bikes are charged immediately after use and no hub manager is needed to arrange this. The trend of e-bikes continues and brings wonderful innovations with it. From invisible batteries to USB ports and Spotify on your bike display. The charging process of the e-bike does not lag behind in this with TILER's innovation, which has actually completely removed the act of charging e-bikes. “Parking is charging and that's it. All it takes is a Charging Tile and the bike stand has to be replaced with TILER's Charging Stand," says marketing manager Amarins Tamminga. “This is ideal for unsupervised shared bicycle fleets, where charging is sometimes forgotten by the user and standard chargers are very fragile and not made for such intensive use.”

‘In TILER we see a cool, vandal-proof solution’

Sven Snel, founder of MOBIAN, speaks of “an awesome, new and accessible way to charge the e-bike. The trend of the e-bike has not slipped through our attention in recent years, but to be able to offer electric shared bicycles on our MOBIHUBS in a sustainable way, turns out to be quite a challenge. We have ventured into e-bikes before, but too often encountered destruction of our charging products,” says Snel. “In TILER we see a great vandal-proof solution and are therefore happy to take on the challenge of adding e-bikes to the shared mobilities on our MOBIHUBS again.”

Charging solution for rental bikes

MOBIAN is not the first to collaborate with TILER, TILER is already active with other shared bike concepts. Examples are bike rentals at hotels and pool e-bikes for staff. They have also recently started a project with a bicycle sharing hub at Arnhem Central. “We are very excited to start this project with MOBIAN, especially because they have experienced for themselves that there must be a charging solution if you want to offer e-bikes in autonomous hubs. TILER's vision to make cities more livable, in combination with MOBIAN's park & ​​ride concept fits perfectly. Park the car outside the city and within the city continue on light electric transport,” says Christiaan van Nispen, founder of TILER.

E-bikes can be rented from this week at the MOBIHUB Ijsbaanpad and later this month also at MOBIHUB Amsterdam West. If the project is successful, the companies hope to be able to roll it out further in various Dutch cities.

The TILER Charging Tile is also an interesting option for bicycle shops, where bicycles are rented out. Or for entrepreneurs who rent out their rental bicycles externally via, for example, a local hotel. With the TILER charging tile, the retailer no longer has to worry about the separate chargers for the e-bikes, because they are then covered by the TILER charging system.


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