The Road towards a new Urban Mobility System

A year ago, Darcy de Jongh conducted research into the development of new urban mobility for TILER, starting from TU Delft's strategic product design. Many conversations with municipalities and shared mobility providers have led to this visionary document.

March 29, 2024

The development of light electric transport, including e-bikes, is erratic and unpredictable. There are many stakeholders, especially in shared mobility. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. With 4 million e-bikes in the Netherlands and a 60% market share of e-bike in the total sales of bikes in Germany, this market is beginning to mature and consolidation is taking place. Dott and TIER are merging, and the city of Amsterdam is committing to the broad deployment of shared cargo bikes. The viable business models remain, and the market is slowly maturing. With the rollout of Hubs for shared light electric vehicles in cities, we are nearing the pivotal moment to establish charging infrastructure for those vehicles. How wonderful it would be if eventually everyone could charge there, and it becomes a matter of course that your e-bike is always charged and ready to go.

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