Rent-a-Bike Hub at NH Hotel expanded again

TILER is excited to announce the expansion of the e-bike hub at NH Hotel Leeuwenhorst in Noordwijkerhout from 4 to 15 brand new e-bikes, charged on TILER's Charging Tiles. After a successful pilot last year with TILER's wireless charging technology, which ensured users always had a charged bike, the hub has recently been expanded. Rent a Bike van Dam is very enthusiastic about the pilot they did last year, it saved them a lot of work and generated extra rentals, as the bikes could also be rented outside opening hours.

April 11, 2023
Amarins Tamminga

The expansion of the hub will coincide with the opening of the bulb season. This allows guests of NH Hotel Leeuwenhorst to easily take the e-bikes and explore the beautiful surroundings without having to make a reservation a day beforehand. This provides additional comfort and convenience for guests while promoting sustainable tourism. NH Hotel is also happy to offer this service to their guests, without getting extra work from it.

With the new wireless charging tiles, users no longer have to worry about empty batteries or broken cables, resulting in less work form van Dam. This not only provides extra convenience and lower costs, but also contributes to a sustainable future.

The expansion of the e-bike hub at NH Hotel Leeuwenhorst will contribute to a greener future and promote cycling culture in the Netherlands. The goal of Rent-a-Bike van Dam and TILER is to copy this concept to more hotels and tourism in the area.

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