Case Study: Rent-a-Bike van Dam

Discover how Rent a Bike van Dam, in collaboration with TILER and X.Bike, tackled the challenge of on-location e-bike rental. By establishing an innovative e-bike hub at NH Hotel Leeuwenhorst, they reduced their operational costs and increased their rentals significantly. Read on to explore how this partnership resulted in more efficient operations and an enhanced user experience for guests seeking flexible and convenient bike rentals.

June 27, 2023


Rent a Bike van Dam is a bike rental company renowned for its high-quality bicycles and excellent service. As a family-owned business, they operate from their own rental location but also provide bike delivery to businesses, hotels, and holiday parks.

The Challenge

Rent a Bike van Dam noticed a growing demand for on-location bike rentals. Typically, bikes were reserved at least a day in advance and delivered to the desired location the following morning. The bikes then had to be returned by 6 p.m. so that Rent a Bike van Dam could transport them back to their rental location. Thanks to the smart lock system by X.Bike, they were now able to maintain a fixed fleet of bikes at popular locations, allowing guests to rent them on the same day. Guests no longer needed to make advance reservations, return the bikes before 6 p.m., and could even rent them for just a few hours.

This process was easily implemented for regular bikes, but for e-bikes, it posed a challenge due to the charging aspect. Hotels didn't want the responsibility of charging and managing the e-bike fleet, so Rent a Bike van Dam continued to operate e-bike rentals through reservations.

The Solution

To address this challenge, Rent a Bike van Dam, in collaboration with TILER, created an e-bike hub at one of their most requested locations, the NH Hotel Leeuwenhorst. The bikes are equipped with X.Bike's smart lock, allowing guests to rent them at any time of the day. When guests return the bikes and end their ride, the bikes are automatically charged via the Charging Tile, eliminating the need for plugs. This has resulted in a representative hub for the hotel and Rent a Bike van Dam.


Thanks to this innovative solution, Rent a Bike van Dam no longer needs to transport e-bikes daily using vans. The hotel can now offer e-bike rental services without additional effort. As a result, Rent a Bike van Dam has reduced operational costs significantly and experienced a 30% increase in rentals.

This collaboration between Rent a Bike van Dam, X.Bike, and TILER has not only led to more efficient operations but has also created an improved user experience for guests seeking flexible and convenient bike rentals.

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