5 tips to get your employees cycling

Did you know that half of the car journeys made in the Netherlands are less than 7.5 km? These are distances that are easy, or maybe even easier done by bike!

April 4, 2022
Amarins Tamminga

Cycling has a lot of advantages compared to taking the car. Cycling is good for physical and mental health and among staff who cycle there is on average less absenteeism due to illness than among staff who normally travel by car. A lot of time is also lost in the car in traffic jams, traveling through the city is often even faster by bike than by car! In addition, it is of course a lot more sustainable to cycle than to take the car.

This all sounds nice, but how do you get your staff on their bikes? Have you noticed that many people in your company still use the car for shorter distances?

Use these 5 tips to stimulate cycling to work and to get your employees on the bike:

1. Offer a cycling plan

In the Netherlands, as an employer you can easily offer a bicycle plan to employees, without incurring extra costs. This provides benefits for the employer and employee. Employees can lease a bike for a monthly fee, which can be deducted from the gross salary. This bicycle can of course also be used privately and it is one of the most requested fringe benefits in the Netherlands.

Take a look at this calculator tool from HelloRider where you can see how much a company bike can bring you.

2. Provide good facilities for cycling

It can also be useful to have good facilities for employees who come by bicycle. Think of a covered bicycle shed, which is preferably also close to the entrance; always room in front of the entrance if you come by bike! The e-bike is also very popular nowadays among staff who have to bridge a slightly longer distance, perhaps useful to have a charging point in the bicycle shed. And of course you also have fanatics who would like to get on their racing bike, a shower to rinse off at the office would be very convenient!

3. Stimulate sustainable and healthy travel with a rewards system

Stimulate your staff by giving “rewards” or points when they come by bike. There are several ways you could do this. A nice example that can be used in the Netherlands is Fynch; an app with automatic registration of work related commutes. This app keeps track of, among other things, how much is exercised and how much CO2 is emitted when making a journey and gives rewards when a sustainable, sporty travel option, such as cycling, is chosen.

‍4. Offer pool bikes

Then of course you also have the trips that are made during work, for example to customers or other appointments. If staff is not able to go to work by bike, it can be an excellent solution to offer pool bikes to get some exercise in between. There are many bicycle companies that nowadays offer pool bikes and also take care of maintenance, so that there is no extra work for your company. For electric bicycles, a wireless charging tile from TILER can then be added, and the bicycles are always charged and ready to go.

5. Provide an e-bike try out

Is your staff hesitant whether it is too far to go to work by bike? With an electric bicycle you get just a little further. Give the e-bike a chance by having it tested temporarily. There are many providers of e-bikes that will loan an e-bike for a week to give the experience. Because only when you experience it, it can really be evaluated!

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