TIler for hotels & holiday parks:

Create an effortless E-bike experience for your guests

No longer spent time charging and managing your E-bike fleet

With TILERs wireless charging solution all your E-Bikes automatically start charging as soon as they get parked on the Charging Tile with the Charging Kickstand. You, your employees and your guests don't need to plug in a cable manually anymore, nor might forget to do so. TILER makes the rental and usage of E-bikes an effortless experience!

Always have E-bikes available for your guests

No longer is the rental of E-bikes dependent on manual actions. The E-bikes automatically get charged when brought back, so they're fully charged and ready for the next guest to use.

No more charging hassle for your guests

Your guests no longer need to remember to charge the E-bikes or bring along charging cables. They only need to park the bike to automatically start charging.

advantages of tiler

Hassle free E-bike infrastructure

Guests want to go out and explore the surroundings with E-bikes. TILER creates the best charging experience, saving both your guests and your employees time and effort, enabling them to spend time on real hospitallity!

Stop carrying and storing batteries
Stop handing out changing cables
Extend battery lifetime
Always have insight in fleet (charging) status
Support faster charging
Safety: auto-halt charging to avoid battery overheat
Always a charged E-bike for your guests

How it works

Setting up TILER for your hotel/ holiday park

Whether you already have an existing E-bike fleet up and running, or not, implementing TILER for your guests is very easy and can be tailored to your wishes. Find out how below!

I have E-bikes
No E-bikes, yet

What E-bikes do you have?

TILERs universal charging solution can work almost any E-bike! Contact us to be sure your bikes are compatible.

The E-bikes are yours:

Great! You can order TILER Kickstands and Tiles for all your bikes

An external party provides the E-bikes:

Contact your E-bike rental provider and ask for TILER or switch to one of the 'Charged by TILER' partners

The TILER team will come and install the Kickstands & Tiles

From that moment on: happy wireless charging!

Contact us

Want to know more about how TILER could work for your rental operation?

Are you interested in getting TILER for your rental operation? Do you have any questions regarding your specific situation or want to discuss further details?
Feel free to contact Wouter or schedule a non-binding meeting through  Calendly!

Wouter van den Bosch

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frequently asked questions

Our clients share your questions

Is the charging solution compatible with every e-bike?
TILER’s charging solution is compatible with all e-bikes. It’s TILER’s mission to build a universal charging system on which all e-bikes (and in the future other light-electric vehicles as well) can be charged. Battery types that haven’t been connected with TILER before do need to be checked with us so that we can tune the electronics in our charging system if necessary.
How is the e-bike charged?
The TILER charging tile works in combination with the TILER charging kickstand. The charging kickstand is connected to the wiring loom of the e-bike and the energy is transferred wirelessly to the e-bike through induction. That means you don’t have to plug chargers in and out. Charging happens automatically whenever the bike is parked.
Is there a difference in efficiency in comparison to a regular charger?
No there’s no difference in efficiency. Our inductive charging module is able to charge 36-48 V. Our smart charging technology can charge up to 200W with a >85% peak total system efficiency, similar to a wired charger. Click here to learn more. (link to whitepaper)
Is the charging speed the same speed as with a regular charger?
The TILER charging tile can charge 2 Ampere, just like a wired charger. We’re currently developing a charging tile with 4 Ampere, so charging will be even faster when that rolls out.
Can TILER still be installed if digging into the ground is not an option?
Absolutely! Besides the TILER charging solution that is installed in-ground like a regular pavement tile, we also offer a charging platform. The platform can be placed on top of the existing floor and requires no digging. The charging system is same, but the tile is integrated in a platform.
Does the charging system require that users park the bike in a precise way?
No, there is some play in the placement of the Charging Kickstand on the tile. The range for connecting is approximately 50 mm back and forth and 100 mm sideways so that even when the bike is parked a bit outside the yellow guidance for placement the bike will start charging.
How is the TILER charging kickstand connected to the e-bike battery?
The TILER charging kickstand is connected to the battery with a wire. This wire is neatly concealed, attached to the e-bike, and integrated in the bike’s wiring loom. This means if you want to charge the e-bike with a standard charger that is possible as well.
Can you buy the TILER charging kickstands separately?
Yes, the TILER charging kickstand can be sold separately to connect multiple e-bikes to your TILER-network.
Can TILER also charge e-cargo bikes, e-scooters and other forms of light-electric vehicles?
Currently, TILER is focusing on charging e-bikes but we are working on plans to expand to a charging tile that can be used for different types of light electric vehicles.

Stop putting time and effort in charging and managing E-bikes. Offer your guests the best experience!

Start enjoying happier guests and better reviews. Allow your employees to  spent their time on real hospitality.

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